I'm sure that this message will be lost on some who do not want to hear it.

We have become a nation of consumers and observers instead of a nation of producers and active participants. It frustrates me to no end that so much of what conservatives have come to expect as "news" is actually information on which we should have taken action LONG ago. With all of the current news regarding Twitter censoring information about Hunter Biden’s laptop, many have likely forgotten about the Anthony Weiner laptop and how our government colluded with media to let Hillary Clinton off the hook and instead chose to target Trump for “Russian collusion.” That NASTY WOMAN has never had to face true justice. This crap has been going on—untried and unpunished—for YEARS. And when he was elected, Trump gave Hillary Clinton a pass! To the disappointment of many, he chose not to seek to "lock her up.” He should have, though. We foolishly continue to rely upon broken government and a two-tiered system of justice to be the tools with which we may win back our country. Are we stupid?

We have power that we do not even use. I abhor the phrase "silent majority," and yet it is one that conservative leaders like Trump encourage. A silent majority holds no power. Conservative media does a piss-poor job of calling people to action. And, whether they realize it or not, it's probably because the honest-to-God truth about what is required of us (if we want things to change) is something that people don't really want to have to hear or to face. To hear it would require us to act--or to choose to turn away from the call to action. Many would seek to avoid hearing the call in the first place, choosing instead to be entertained by the political tabloids that will continue to permeate all media until the demand turns to something more honest and purposeful. How much more proof of all the wrongdoing do you need to see before you decide to get up off your butt and try to do something about it? 

News of how our country is collapsing is served to us on a plate that sates our desire to know all the juicy gossip. We lick that plate clean and then eagerly look forward to the next helping of the soap opera. The predominant conservative news narratives are ones that tend to keep people complacent. What will Trump do next? What will DeSantis do? What will Congress do? The focus is always on political celebrity. Seldom, if ever, is the focus on “we the people.” Just as “sex sells,” so do sports--and politics is a team sport. Team loyalty keeps us cheering on bad politicians as the daily soap opera/sport show is a battle between the Republicans vs the Democrats. But the joke is on us. There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats. The soap opera is scripted and the game is rigged.

Why don't we hear more honest criticism of both Trump and DeSantis (as well as other Republicans) with regard to their failure to have done little-to-nothing to keep the media focused on the fact that many Americans are still being held as political prisoners for their willingness to show up to our nation’s capital and to stand alongside Trump to support him? J6 political prisoner Jeremy Brown has been held in DeSantis’s state of Florida for, I think, 430 days now. Some of those people who have been held prisoner went to our nation’s capital FOR Trump. Some were there because they knew that the attacks on Trump were attacks on all of us. The November 2020 election wasn’t stolen from Trump. It was stolen from US. So we shouldn’t expect Trump to be the one to retrieve for us what has been taken from us. The job of protecting our freedom is our own. Why don’t conservative media outlets focus on THAT?

The biggest obstacle to restoring election integrity has not been our corrupted government. It has been our own unwillingness to act. I focus on restoring election integrity because I think that all other problems that we are experiencing are consequences of the bad policies of those at the helm. Those at the helm right now are tyrants who have taken over every branch of government. There is no longer any system of checks and balances. And yet we foolishly continue to expect to receive a fair shake by ‘fighting back” with lawfare in a two-tiered justice system that has been blatantly corrupt for YEARS now. They don’t even try to hide it.

The best way for us to fight back is right here at home, in our very own state. We have failed to hold our elected officials to account. However, we still want to be able to complain when nothing ever gets done. Things aren’t getting done because too many people—including those in our government and those who hold political influence (such as Trump) who are looked to as leaders—are engaging in the finger-pointing and casting of blame right alongside us. There are too many cries of, “They’re cheating!” or “That’s not fair!” and not enough cries of “Let’s get to work RIGHT NOW (not at some time in the future) to fix what is broken.” As Dr. Frank often states, “Politicians don’t start parades; they join them.” This is true. Politicians are political cowards who are seldom true leaders. It is up to US to lead the parade. Broken things do not fix themselves.

I'm not anti-Trump, or anti-Desantis, by the way. What I want is HONESTY. I want people to be talking about the RAW, honest-to-God truth about what MUST be done in order for that which is broken to be fixed. But we aren’t really having that conversation. That kind of honest discussion is greatly lacking in our world right now. People do not want to hear it. Some politicians likely do not wish to discuss it because it would mean acknowledging their role in things getting so out of hand. Each of us must accept our own self-accountability as well. We must create a new demand for TRUTH with PURPOSE. A few do work toward that goal, but most conservatives have still not yet acknowledged their responsibility to be a loud conservative voice for THEMSELVES and not just an echo of the media. A “silent majority” holds no power, no matter how many of us there are. We are the ones who must create the demand for honesty and accountability. If we do not demand it, then we should cease to be surprised when broken things stay broken.

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