Why do we keep making excuses not to take actions that will be necessary to fix our broken government?

We will remain in a perpetual and ever declining state of a "new normal" unless we stop believing ourselves to be helpless.

The watchfulness of the citizen is the salvation of the state

1. Abandon all use of the phrase “Silent Majority.”

2. Stop staying silent when you know you should speak out.3. Stop accepting excuses from your  elected officials (and from yourself).

4. Commit to one face-to-face engagement with an elected official. (Even better, find a friend or two to go with you.)

5. Stop believing that lawfare in a two-tiered justice system is going to make things right.

6. Stop outsourcing the protection of your freedom to Trump or anyone else. The responsibility for the protection of your freedom is your own.

Here is the link where I found the Learned Helplessness slide that I used:


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