"You are fake news!" Conservatives, myself included, applaud Trump when he calls out the fact that the mainstream media is full of lies and intentions to mislead. But what about the propaganda narratives targeted to conservatives that have become so deeply rooted in our nation? Why has Trump never spoken out about the deceitful narratives that have kept Americans complacent by convincing them that Trump was "in control?" The messages being put out by such propaganda are dangerous to our nation; yet, instead of warning conservatives that they are being led astray by such narratives, Trump has often even encouraged people to buy into them. Is it because he is the hero of those fictions?  Many are putting their trust in a guy who they have cheered on for calling out the fake news of the mainstream media, when the same guy hasn’t uttered a peep about the dangerous propaganda that has deceived so many into believing for the past 2+ years that he had some sort of a plan that they should trust. (And if he does have a plan, then it's a HORRIBLE one.)

Conservatives who have been paying attention should be calling upon Trump to explain why it is that he has never warned conservatives about the globalist/communist Q-related propaganda that they are the target audience of. A lot of the narratives have taken hold in some rather terrifying ways. Technocrat globalists (like Yuval Noah Harari) told us outright that nations could be defeated through technology/social media. The databases of collected information that they have on people allows them to know exactly what people want to hear, and those Q-related propaganda sources (which sound like China and Russia might be behind them) are very effective at getting many conservatives to believe them. In difficult times, the comfort of a lie is often preferable to having to face the harsh reality of the truth.

I have lost friendships because I have attempted to show to others the proof that those sources are full of deceit. Indeed, they are quite often blasphemous as well. People who are following any sources referencing Q are being taken in. And I know many people personally who have been. I was sent a video the other day put out by some “SGAnon” (not the first time people I know have forwarded me his videos), and I was appalled to hear him say that, in order to right the wrongs of history, Ukraine, Baltic States, and portions of Finland will soon be returned to Russia, AND that Taiwan will be reunited with China. What the hell? Messaging which conditions people to become more comfortable with globalist and communist ideas are parading around disguised as "MAGA." And it's working. So many conservatives will choose to shun those who don't buy into the propaganda before they will ever abandon those stories that bring them comfort. Believe me. I know what a pariah one is made to be for speaking out against the propaganda. But I guarantee you that those ideas don't have a damn thing to do with "Making America Great Again."

I am alarmed that so many conservatives have been consuming this propaganda like gangbusters. I know they are, because I keep encountering from so many the same talking point “defenses” of Trump which are straight out of the propaganda sources. Remember those videos of everyone in the mainstream media parroting the exact same lines, word-for-word, and in chorus? You could make the exact same type of video of conservatives now, for so many are parroting propaganda talking points that have taken hold. And, just as it is with the mainstream media, what they are parroting is a distortion of the truth.

It’s all being done so effectively, for there are multiple sources for the propaganda, and many of them have been legitimatized by having gained some advertising and interviews with people that conservatives trust. It says a lot about where we are when so many conservatives are following messaging which is conditioning people to accept the idea that Taiwan should be reunited with China. That same video also conditions people to accept the idea of provisional military control for half a year or so. But, hey, it’s all gonna be for your own good! I wouldn't worry about any of this propaganda if I didn't personally know so many who follow it and believe it as gospel truth. (As I said, I've lost many friendships for speaking out against it.) If we WERE to be told that we were going to have to accept some sort of global military control, I personally know people who would cheer it! They would say, "Yes! It's finally happening!" People are being led like sheep to slaughter, and they don’t even realize it.

So I’ll ask again—why has Trump not called out the dangerous propaganda that has led so many to believe in this globalist/communist-flavored plan that they should trust?

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