Stew Peters is one of the most recognizable names that many conservatives I know have come to trust. But you shouldn't! He misleads people ALL THE TIME. This is just one example I saw this morning. But he does this crap ALL THE TIME. He is not a trustworthy source. (And that is NOT a pentagram! 🤦‍♀️) Might even be an altered image, as the picture below would suggest.

How have we gotten so dumbed down? I tested my own kids this morning to see if they knew the difference between a pentagram and a hexagram. Thank God, they all passed. So shouldn't Stew Peters know better, too? Oh, he does. As I have discussed in a previous post on my website, Stew Peters likes to stir shit up. (I'm sure it's profitable.) And the Q/QAnon sources amplify it. (And also profit from it.) The post below from Stew Peters is another example of his deliberate (or, at the very least, highly irresponsible) twisting of the truth. 

People should read up a bit on how successful propaganda works. This is how! It doesn't just come from one source, but from multiple sources. These people who might sometimes be telling you the truth are also LYING to you. That is how the most effective propaganda works. That is how it instills people's trust. And that is how it controls you. None of this has anything to do with Making America Great Again.  It has to do with instilling trust in globalist governmental control. People should be scared to death about how successful this propaganda has been, because those people who are instilling your trust are also LYING to you. That's how you get people to go along with their own destruction. So why has Trump not called out these sources of "fake news?"

People don't realize how much that crap is contributing to our downfall, though. Many people cannot discern the truth from the lies. Many people, out of fear, will prefer the comfort of the lies to the discomfort of the truth--and so we contribute to our own downfall when we consume that crap and keep the demand for it going. These propaganda narratives are conditioning people to accept global governmental control--even tricking them into cheering it on and believing that it is what is best for them! I don't know who specifically is behind all of these false narratives, but I do know that it goes DEEP. For real truth seekers, though, It's easy to prove that these are false narratives meant to confuse, mislead, and divide people. (And many of their messages are outright blasphemous.)

If we oppose globalism and trafficking and all of the other evils that conservatives claim to oppose, then we really should STOP consuming and spreading this propaganda. I don't think people will do it, though. They don't see the consequences of what they believe is a harmless partaking in the entertainment of this propaganda. For some, it even seems to have become their religion. But watching it and sharing it keeps the demand for it going. (And it IS profitable.) As long as there is a demand for lies and for evil (those things which are meant to lead us astray), then the supply will certainly continue. If people spent as much time seeking out and sharing the TRUTH as they did the entertainment propaganda, our world would not be in the mess it's in right now. 

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