Kennedy is more conservative than many elected Republicans. As I said in the video, I don't know who I will vote for, but conservatives do need to be more honest in their assessment of Trump. I not only welcome anyone to fact check me on the concerns that I have, but I encourage it.

Many seem to have forgotten how damning Trump's own words regarding his role in the development of the vaccines are. But I don't think Trump has forgotten. I think he knows that the vaccines are his Achilles' heel. Why else would he have shifted from insisting that HE be the one who should receive all the credit for the shots, to going dead silent when it all went south--as many predicted it would. Trump wanted all of the credit and none of the accountability, it seems, for the right thing for him to do now would be to SPEAK UP about the harms being caused by the shots and to now recommend that people STOP taking them.

People should truly be alarmed that he hasn't done that. The shots are still being pushed on children. Doctors across our country are still at risk for speaking the truth about the virus and the shots. Advantages and incentives are still being given to those who submit to the shots and disadvantages and hardships are befalling those who reject the shots. That hasn't ended, and yet, so many people tell me that we should just "move on" from all of this. It clearly isn't behind us, though, and as so many rights have been trampled upon in the push to get everyone vaccinated, people should think twice about whether or not our nation would be safe with Trump once more "calling the shots."

Why should we trust Trump to do the right thing if reelected when he isn't doing the right thing NOW by speaking out against this continued violation of people's rights?

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