Here's some food for thought. The article cited below is a throwback from a year ago. I posted about this article on Facebook a year ago with the commentary that "if we are to secure our future, then we must take our country back in the name of GOD and not in the name of Trump." 
This isn't "Trump's America." And it wasn't just Trump who was robbed by wrongdoing in our elections in November 2020. The theft of our nation was from US. It is OUR nation. Not Trump's. Or, at least, not only his.

It is worthwhile to reflect on what is in this article from a year ago. There are some interesting things to note. For one thing, this Gateway Pundit article quotes Navarro as being adamantly opposed to Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, referring to them both as trash that needed to be taken out. 

In hindsight, it does appear that Trump had people around him who would have cautioned him (rightly so, I think) NOT to throw his support behind McCarthy for House Speaker as he did. So why did he do it? I think it's fair to argue that it was Trump's influence that secured the position of House Speaker for McCarthy. Those who have followed my writing will be well aware that I was extremely disappointed with Trump's interference in what, to me, appeared to be the strongest display of a fight against the establishment that had been undertaken by those within our government in I don't know how long. I would have been content to have STILL been waiting for a House Speaker to be chosen rather than to have watched our representatives quickly be brought into line by the establishment. And with Trump's help! 

People get mad at me now for my criticisms of Trump. Most of my criticism is focused on the bad judgment and lack of spine that he displayed during the plandemic response, but the truth is that there are many other reasons as well for why I am no longer a supporter of Trump. While I'm not on the same page as Navarro with regard to his belief that everyone should just fall in line with Donald Trump, I do think Navarro got it right in his assessment of McCarthy. Others thought so as well, and when the votes for House Speaker were ongoing, I shared the comments from January 6th political prisoner Jeremy Brown who referred to those representatives who were seeking someone other than McCarthy as "warriors."  

What a slap in the face that the vote securing McCarthy's position as House Speaker came on January 6th, after McCarthy himself had once expressed a desire to see those who were voicing concerns about the outcome of the November 2020 election to be censored on social media.

I've said many times that the forgetting of history is a dangerous thing. I know it's hard to keep track of all of the political drama (it really is!), but I cannot help but wonder why more people don't have questions about Trump's judgment on so many things--his endorsement of McCarthy being but one of those instances. Who is Trump listening to and getting his guidance from? McCarthy's own history should have disqualified him from receiving Trump's endorsement. Clearly, Navarro's advice to "take out the current leadership trash" (as he put it) was not heeded by Trump. No, instead, Trump ELEVATED McCarthy's position in our government. Why? I don't know. But it sure seems like piss-poor judgment to me, and it's one of a long list of reasons that Trump is not going to receive my vote ever again. 

The following comments, also from Navarro, are notable as well, for I believe that it could be argued that Trump himself has failed to meet the prerequisites that Navarro suggests any Trump-endorsed candidate must meet:

I have already noted that Trump himself failed in meeting this list of commitments with regard to his endorsement of McCarthy, who was caught expressing a desire for conservatives to be silenced on social media. And with regard to "putting all those responsible for the Russia Hoax in jail," well, the great irony there is that if Trump had heeded the warning of that "Snake" poem he often used to recite at his rallies, he likely could have avoided the entire months-long "Russia! Russia! Russia!" garbage. He never should have kept that known snake Comey on as FBI Director. It was Comey's manufactured and "leaked" memos that kicked all of the "Russia!" bullshit into high gear. Why on earth Navarro (or anyone else) would think that Trump is the guy who is going to hold people to account is baffling to me. The history of Trump's actions prove his bark to be far worse than his bite. Despite chants from thousands at his rallies who had hoped to see Hillary Clinton held to account for her wrongdoing, Trump chose instead to let Hillary Clinton off the hook, claiming that she had been through a lot and he didn't "feel strongly" about pursing the matter. Should Trump's "feelings" have had a damn thing to do with the pursuit of justice? I don't think so.

 With regard to "holding the Chinese Communist Party--along with Tony Fauci" to account, there is even more that points to Trump's bad judgment. As I have written about in the past, when Trump was asked if he agreed with Senator Rand Paul's desire to see Fauci prosecuted, Trump gave no real answer. He could not bring himself to support Senator Paul's desire to hold Fauci to account. Instead, he said that he was aware that Rand "feels strongly about that." Trump almost seemed to be making excuses for Fauci in that interview, claiming that Fauci is a Democrat and a "different kind of a guy"--as if to say, "that's just what Democrats do" or something. It was a WEAK response that Trump gave, and it strongly suggests that--just as Trump did not "feel strongly" about seeing Hillary Clinton be held to account--he also isn't likely to "feel strongly" about holding Fauci to account either. 

With regard to holding the CCP to account, there are also some questions about why it is that Trump has, for so long, allowed his name and his "MAGA" slogan to be used by those promoting communist-influenced propaganda that has been targeted (quite successfully, I might add) to Trump's base. The majority of Trump supporters that I know have bought into at least some of the propaganda narratives that are out there. Why hasn’t Trump uttered a peep about the dangerous Q/QAnon propaganda sources that have deceived so many into believing for the past 2+ years that he is "in control" and has some sort of a plan that they should trust? Why has the guy who is known for calling out fake news narratives allowed dangerous communist propaganda targeted to conservatives to use his name, his slogan, and his message? Trump's name is being used in some very popular propaganda videos that are conditioning people to sympathize with communist goals of reuniting Taiwan with China (in order to "right a wrong of history," they say). Why would Trump not disavow such messaging, the same as he has done with fake news? The propaganda aimed at conservatives is every bit as dangerous as that which comes from the mainstream media, and it certainly appears as if China and/or Russia are behind it. How can Trump hold the CCP accountable when he has been allowing his own name and brand to be the basis of messaging intended to further goals of the CCP? 

To be clear, while I do agree with much of what Navarro says, including his assessment of McCarthy (and McConnell), I am no fan of Navarro. I know that he is still a staunch (and perhaps blind) supporter of Trump because it wasn't long ago that I commented on another article from The Gateway Pundit that had to do with Navarro's relatively recent statement (prior to Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News) that "Tucker simply cannot be trusted to have Trump's back." More of my commentary on that can be found at the following link, but the "Cliff's Notes" version of it is that I strongly question what it is that conservatives have become when we are cheering on the idea that any person in the media should "have the back" of any politician.

So I guess I just would like to encourage people to think for a bit about how it is that we have gotten to where we are. What are we doing?? And why isn't that question being asked more often than it is? Honestly. What the hell are our representatives in government doing?? We deserve answers, but I think that the reason we often don't get them is because the questions keep getting suppressed. To ask such questions will quickly get one labeled as a "Trump hater." Or, as indicated by Navarro, one might be accused of "not having Trump's back." But the irony is that--based upon Navarro's own political advice regarding McCarthy--there ARE very valid questions that should be asked about Trump's judgment. We have no obligation to "have the back" of any of our politicians, and we certainly shouldn't expect that from the media. Our elected officials--even the ones we like and support--should never be beyond reproach. We are not free people if we cannot question the actions of those who serve in our government. I believe that it's likely going to take one hell of a fight to take back the freedoms we have lost--many of which were surrendered on the watch of Republicans who SHOULD be held to account for their failures. But whatever the remnants of America might be, America is supposed to be OURS. Not Trump's, nor anyone else's, and I think that reflecting on all of this helps to remind us of the dangers of outsourcing of the protection of our freedom to any one individual. 

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