I have to say I'm amused that there are a few people who think that anyone who isn't voting for Jim Pillen is giving their vote to "The Tooth Fairy." What a mature argument to make. I think you must resort to such nonsense because you cannot make better arguments for why it is a person should vote for Pillen.

To those people, I would just say this--rest assured that I will not be voting for "The Tooth Fairy." But if you vote for Jim Pillen because you think that an "R" next to his name on the ballot will somehow guarantee that your rights and your conservative values are going to be protected, then I think that YOU are the one who believes in something that doesn't exist. He didn't even have the spine to debate his opponents in the race. 

Is Pillen a guy who has YOUR back, or a guy who is only concerned about his own backside?

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