Here is a snippet of a back and forth exchange I had this past legislative session during one of my many trips to the capitol to try to get our senators to address the problems that we have with our elections. I would venture to guess that this brief public exchange likely exceeds any that Pillen has had with Blood as a candidate for governor.

If Pillen doesn't have enough faith in himself to debate his opponents as a candidate who is seeking the job of becoming our next governor, then why on earth should we put any faith in him either? Such a coward as Pillen cannot be relied upon to stand up to the overreach of the federal government, nor can he be relied upon to put any pressure upon our do-nothing legislature to accomplish the things that Nebraskans want done.

That Carol Blood is a sneaky snake, as you can see her demonstrate the tactics she uses in her arguments--tactics which are probably what have Pillen running so scared. She is a crafty one, that is for sure, always trying to throw people off their own message. But it is unacceptable for Pillen to be so arrogant as to think that HE is the one who should get to decide the terms of the interview process for the job he is asking us to give him. The voters expect a candidate to debate as part of the process, and those who refuse reveal both their arrogance and their weakness. 

Is Pillen a guy who has YOUR back, or a guy who is only concerned about his own backside?

Nebraskans deserve better. 

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