I attended a meeting in Nebraska City held by the Otoe County Wind Forum group who is working to educate Nebraskans (particularly Otoe County residents) about what happens to communities when out-of-state Big Wind farms move in. It isn't good. 

The presentation included a showing of the movie, "Windfall," which can be viewed at this link. (It won't let me embed the video here). https://wind-watch.org/video-windfall.php

If you want to watch shorter videos, the one below is a good one. 

This one (below) is a bit longer, but it's a compilation of several other videos that can be found at https://wind-watch.org/videos.php .

All of these videos and others can be found at https://wind-watch.org/videos.php . One thing to keep in mind is that the windmills that have been talked about in the videos on this website are around 400ft tall. The ones that NextEra has said that they want to build in Nebraska are 650ft tall! 

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