A few people who know how long I have been fighting to restore election integrity have sent me video of a couple of recent interviews with  Nebraska Voter Accuracy Project leader Larry Ortega. So this video discusses my thoughts on what Larry says the NEVAP is currently up to. (I don't really know any more, since they blocked me from all of their groups some months back.) The history of my own involvement in election integrity pursuits, including the good, the bad, and the ugly of my involvement with NEVAP, is well-documented on the voicesofnebraska.com website.

One of the things that I talk about in this video is the "Bonds for the Win" approach that Larry says NEVAP is now pursuing.  In any instance where the "Bonds for the Win" approach has resulted in "wins," it has not been due to any legal aspect of the approach. To my knowledge (based on reports I have read), there have been no legal wins with the "Bonds for the Win" approach. BUT...there has been some progress made in some instances where it has been tried. Ultimately, the answer to how we fight back effectively against a tyrannical government is that we must be willing to make the tyrants every bit as uncomfortable as they are willing to make us. We have to get face-to-face with our elected officials and hold them to account. That is how the "Bonds for the Win" approach has delivered results. 

But it doesn't take the "Bonds for the Win" approach to do it. This kind of a people-led fight, taken directly to our elected officials without trying to go around them (which only lets them off the hook) is what I tried to get NEVAP to help me with from Day One. All it requires is us showing up and making our elected officials look us in the eye.

Here is the link to the full video of Larry Ortega's interview referenced in this commentary: 


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