I have no qualms whatsoever about stating that Senator Slama is NOT a patriot. The way that she views what is going on in the world right now and the way that she believes our government should work is in stark contrast to my own views--and I do consider myself a patriot. I believe that Republicans have handed over our country to tyrants, without ever even putting up a fight, and I believe that "we the people" have every right to expect representation from those who have asked us to entrust them with that responsibility.  

I have shared in other posts audio where Senator Slama has stated that what I am trying to do is to "overthrow the government." Such a nasty woman. What I am trying to do is to hold to account elected officials like Senator Slama who, through either laziness or corruption, are failing to see that they have given our country over to tyrants who will never hand it back over to us willingly. We will never get our country back without a fight, but it is clear that those who SHOULD be fighting to protect our freedom as our representatives in government are--for whatever reasons--no longer up to the task. And it isn't just Slama--none of our elected officials are fighting as they should be. They ALL should be held to account.

Don't we deserve better than what we have been getting? Do you feel as if our elected officials are watching our backs? Or are they only watching out for their own? 

More from Senator Slama on election integrity:

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