Should software (which in the state of Nebraska means the services of ES&S) be used to assist you in "casting" your vote?

Did you know that this past legislative session, LB843 (it's an annual omnibus elections law bill) was passed to include an expansion of how "voting system" is defined in our state? Details can be found here

Did you know that even as Nebraskans have been appealing to our Unicameral to **remove** the services of ES&S from our elections, our legislators have instead doubled down and taken actions that more permanently solidify the role that machines play in our elections? The recent omnibus election law bill that was passed by our Unicameral now includes SOFTWARE as part of the "creation, casting, and counting" of ballots. ("Casting??") 

We knew the software was used. That isn't new. But we have expressed to our legislators that we don't trust the software. What a blatant disregard of voters for our legislators to ignore calls to eliminate ES&S services. Instead, they have embraced them!

Below are the letters I have written to elected officials in our state. Matt Miltenberger is Ricketts' Chief of Staff and he is who Ricketts has suggested that questions be directed to. He still hasn't responded to my last email, though, so I won't hold my breath for a response to this one. In fact, I won't hold my breath waiting for ANY of them to respond. They have all already made it clear that they'd rather literally invite lawsuits than listen to "we the people." 

Feel free to use these letters or send your own. Wouldn't you like to know why it is that our Unicameral thought this was a good idea? We deserve answers on this.

The full video that the above clip was taken from can be viewed here:

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