Many conservatives are moving away from the Republican Party, while many Democrats-- disgruntled with their own party--are moving in. If ever there was a time for conservatives to leave the Republican Party, it is now.

It is important to keep in mind what the Republican Party has become and what it means in practice. It's a party chock full of RINOs. Politicians often like to refer to the "mandate" of the expectations of their base. So what does that mean for the Republican Party which is now being abandoned by many conservatives who see it capsizing as it has become flooded with RINOs and new members who are fleeing the Democrat Party? Will the RINOs now have cover as they cater to "their base," which will no doubt soon consist of disgruntled Democrats who are not happy with their own party, but who hold some substantially different values than those of conservatives on many issues? 

I think the "new" Republican Party that is being built right now must be Congressman Don Bacon's dream. He loves to boast about how often he reaches around to Democrats. The "purple wave" taking place in our country is no doubt going to make it easier for him, as the arm span of that reach is shortening. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has left the Democrat Party and is now out stumping for Republicans. 

Am I saying that I'm not happy that Congresswoman Gabbard is speaking out against the evils of the Democrat Party? No, not at all. But I do think that conservatives should keep in mind what all of this shifting around of the political landscape means for our country. I'll be honest. I don't know for sure what it will mean for us going forward, but my own experience in politics as a very conservative candidate has led me to believe that the only way that the conservative values upon which our country was founded are going to survive is if conservatives stop being silent and find a new home outside of the Republican Party. Because I can tell you, the Republican Party is NOT the most conservative party any more, and the core values of the party are not adhered to.

What is happening to the Republican Party is not unlike what is happening to our country, as both are being flooded by people moving in who have no intention of truly adopting the values upon which either was founded. Republicans have been fools to have ever been proud to be part of a "silent majority." Their silence will be their extinction.

Look, I am part of this shifting landscape, having left the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party. The reason I joined the Libertarian Party is because I believe there is less of a disconnect between what they say and what they do than there is within the Republican Party. It is more honest and transparent, and genuinely committed to smaller government in ways that the Republican Party is not. The stated core values of the Libertarian Party (which are rooted in personal liberty and self-ownership) are what I believe the candidates of the party are truly seeking to represent. 

The disconnect between what elected Republicans say and do has grown so great and has been allowed (by the negligence of "we the people") to continue for far too long. Elected officials of both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have abandoned our U.S. Constitution. I know there are many Republicans who want to still believe that they can continue to put their faith in Republicans to save the day, but the clock is ticking. Our country has been transformed so much since Obama took office--and particularly so in the last few years, as we have witnessed a blatant takeover of our government which happened at not only the hands of the Democrats, but with the help of the Republicans as well. Never forget that Republicans failed to put up a fight for our country when they had a chance to push back against the "big lie" narrative of Democrats who told them that our elections were "the most secure in American history." 

So the way I see it, Republicans HAVE proven themselves to me. They have proven themselves to be cowards and people whom I cannot trust. And don't even get me started on how horribly I was treated as a conservative Republican candidate by the NEGOP swamp in our own state. Suffice it to say, there is no room for anyone there who truly wants to clean up the swamp. Now back to my original question--what will conservatives who are still members of the Republican Party do when they realize that they belong to a party that now consists of people who do not share their conservative values and only "identify as" Republicans? Will they finally hold to account those who claim to be their representatives but who provide them with no representation? 

I've shared some of my thoughts on all of that. Clearly, I don't have it all figured out either. But I do think it's a big ol' mess we are in and I do wish that more people were willing to speak honestly about what is going on. If the conservative views are, in fact, held by a "silent majority," then those conservatives need to start speaking more publicly and forming a better plan. Continuing to rely upon the liars in the Republican Party seems like a terrible plan to me. And a "silent majority" holds no power. 

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