[If you listen to this with headphones, be aware that there are some sudden fluctuations in the volume due to the varying quality of the recordings.]

Senator Slama seems to think that the only way her constituents can get representation is to hire a lawyer. What exactly does she think it is that she was elected by the people to do, I wonder?
I have repeatedly taken concerns (shared by many Nebraskans) regarding violations of our constitutional rights to a free election to EVERY senator in the Unicameral. Not a damn one of them will take these concerns seriously. So if you are a Nebraskan who believes that we deserve to have assurances from our government that our election process is one that ensures that our votes are counted as they are cast, then...well, you might be one of those folks out there who is trying to "overthrow the government."

Senator Slama is NOT representing the concerns of her constituents on this matter. As you can hear her reveal in the audio clip, she's already made up her mind that our elections ARE in fact being conducted constitutionally. So to hell with the concerns of the people regarding their constitutional rights. Shut up and take it, Nebraska. Republicans in our state are NEVER going to restore election integrity.

People need to know that they cannot trust nor rely upon ANY of our elected officials to take election integrity concerns seriously. They have had ample opportunity to take meaningful action and they have refused. THEY AREN'T GOING TO DO IT. Our "best" Republicans are allegiant to Ricketts and his crew (including Evnen) and NOT to us. They parrot the scripts from federal agencies and tell us that we should just trust those who oversee our elections and that we shouldn't be asking any questions. And that includes Republicans that people continue to cheer--like Senator Clements, for example. He is up for reelection--unopposed, I think, but it doesn't matter, because that makes him both the "best" and the "worst" candidate running. He should be pressed HARD to explain why he was once on board with supporting nation-wide audits, but then changed his tune following public comments against his support of the people's concerns which came from Ricketts and Evnen.

THEY HAVE HIM, and if they have Clements, then they have all of them. He was the only one who even had the courage to once attempt to speak up for election integrity. They shut him up. I have said this to him face-to-face on more than one occasion. It is interesting that he does not deny it. His only response is a blank stare. It's a little scary, actually. But the opportunity to get some accountability from those who are up for election/re-election is RIGHT NOW. But tribal allegiance to parties (and a hell of a lot of amnesia) cause us to cheer for candidates with an R next to their name, rather than to question them and put them on the record about what it is that they will do if elected. We should be making them EARN our votes. But we don’t. Shame on us.

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