It's no surprise to anyone that I have no intention of voting for Jim Pillen for governor. But if anyone is able to catch up with him at any events (is he even holding any?), it might be good to ask him if he has ever had any contact with Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC)--and if he would engage with such agencies of the CCP if he were to be elected as Nebraska's next governor.

The Epoch Times article below discusses the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC).

The Trump administration warned about CPAFFC. In February 2020, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the association “the public face of the Chinese Communist Party’s official foreign influence agency, the United Front Work Department.”The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses the United Front Work Department (UFWD) to run its foreign influence operations. In the United States, the CCP has also deployed grass-roots level “united front” groups as part of its effort to infiltrate U.S. civil and political institutions.

The CPAFFC has been called the “public face” of the United Front Work Department, which is a billion-dollar effort by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign individuals and the policies of foreign states to serve Beijing’s interests,” per the federal U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission.

Moreover, CPAFFC, which has been referred to as “avowedly an arm of the party-state,” has been flagged by the U.S. State Department for its efforts to “directly and malignly influence” business and political leaders in America.

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