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What is the likelihood that the GOP will hold to account those of their own, though? Sure, they fight amongst themselves, but like many dysfunctional families, it is more likely that the party will return to the scripted narrative (intended to keep us all distracted) that this is all about "Republicans vs Democrats." Until Republicans show a genuine willingness to hold those within their own party to account, then our politics will carry on as nothing more than theatrical trash-talking. Words without action are meaningless, but it's become so commonplace that we have come to accept that "that's just politics for you." 

We need to demand accountability not only from elected Republicans, but from those who helped to elect them as well. The GOP needs to be held to account for their own part in the corruption of the candidates which they helped to elect. That kind of accountability could start right here in our own state, with calls for the new leadership of the NEGOP to prove that it was more than just the faces which have changed within the party. The following interview from new NEGOP Chairman Eric Underwood would suggest that the future of the NEGOP will look a hell of a lot like it has in the past. What is it going to take for there to be any accountability? 

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