Anyone who accuses you of "splitting" votes is trying to manipulate you. In any election where there are two or more eligible candidates (regardless of party affiliation), the votes will inevitably be "split." The "splitting" of votes is the indicator of how people choose to exercise the elective franchise. It is an exercise of freedom to be able to make that choice. And so when anyone argues that you MUST vote a certain way--or else you'll be "splitting" the votes, make no mistake that they are being disingenuous and manipulative.

 I refuse to exist in a slavery mindset of believing that the Republican Party is entitled to votes--and that is exactly what many are suggesting when they make the claim that my vote should go to someone other than who I choose to give it to—or else! Not every Republican candidate is worthy of my vote.

That kind of mindset is exactly what I am voting AGAINST. It seems to me that such arguments favor government that mirrors socialism more than it does freedom, for the argument being made is that Republicans are entitled to be given what is mine and what (in my esteem) they have not earned. 

I am sick to death of the fearmongering and manipulation. There ARE more than “two evils” to choose from, and to suggest that there are not more than two choices of candidates on the ballot is a disingenuous and manipulative fear tactic. 

It makes no sense to me that those who acknowledge that things are broken will continue to reluctantly support those who have proven themselves to be part of the destruction. My reason tells me that if we want things to change, then we must do something different.

Vote however you feel guided, but don't you dare point a finger of blame at me when I exercise my freedom to do the same. 

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