1) Trump has gone dead silent regarding the harms being caused by the vaccines that he told “everyone” they should take. Shouldn’t he use his voice now to WARN people that the shots are NOT, in fact, safe and effective? It seems to me that there is truly no good defense for his silence on such an important matter.

2) Can someone explain why it is that so many don’t seem to have a problem with Trump not speaking about the harms being caused by the vaccines? I follow conservative news outlets and the harms of the vaccines pepper the news every single day. What is the justification for allowing Trump to remain silent on what is obviously a very important issue for his base? Covering for Trump’s weaknesses doesn’t make him a stronger candidate, and I think a strong argument is to be made that the left has staged baseless recent attacks on Trump to keep the focus on Trump and off of other candidates because they KNOW that Trump's bark is worse than his bite.

3) Why hasn’t Trump uttered a peep about the dangerous propaganda that has deceived so many into believing for the past 2+ years that he had some sort of a plan that they should trust? Why has the guy who is known for calling out fake news narratives allowed dangerous (and easily debunked) propaganda narratives targeted to conservatives to go unchallenged?

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