The vaccines are Trump's Achilles' heel. 

I think he knows it, too. It's really impossible to defend Trump's silence now on the harms being caused by the shots that he has claimed to be "the father of." Kennedy might not be able to win his own party's nomination (because they cheat, even in a coin toss), but those who still support Trump shouldn't underestimate the extent to which Kennedy being in the race will reveal just how weak of a candidate Trump is. 

The irony is that, if the establishment once feared Trump, they surely no longer do. Trump proved to them during the plandemic response that he could be led around by the nose. If the establishment had to choose between Trump and Kennedy, who do you think they would pick? 

I think smart conservatives should stop falling into the trap of cheering on the early endorsements of Trump (especially when we don't even know yet who all of the Republican candidates will be) and should begin to create a demand for a stronger candidate than Trump.

Watch this interview and tell me that Kennedy isn't going to appeal to a lot of conservatives. Especially women, I think. I know many women who are already big fans of Kennedy for his outspokenness on the vaccines and because they follow his work with the Children's Health Defense organization. I think Kennedy will also appeal to many who don't even follow politics much but who are sick of the division in our country. He talks about how large his family is and the deep political divide in his family. His message that we need to "love each other and still be able to disagree with each other" will have a lot of crossover appeal, I think, and that is a message that he is uniquely positioned to give, given that he is considered an outsider among his own party. Despite what Trump might claim, he is no longer the "outsider" candidate. 

My vote has not yet been EARNED by any candidate. I have invested more time than most in trying to restore election integrity, but if we had been serious about that, we’d have focused on securing the 2022 primaries, for those were the first to take place following the November 2020 election. I don’t think we will have election integrity restored, but given that we are continuing the theater of it all, I refuse to cheapen my vote more than the corrupt process already has by not insisting that it be EARNED. I welcome a strong competition. And even though I am not a Democrat, I welcome RFK, Jr.’s entry into the presidential race. It will help bring some honest discussion that I think is severely lacking. I hope DeSantis decides to run as well, because despite his own mistakes during the plandemic response (which—unlike Trump—he admits to), DeSantis has spoken more honestly about how the “cure” that was given to the plandemic was far greater than the threat of the virus. DeSantis has also said that we must take measures to ensure that we don’t make the same mistakes again. 

The scope of Trump's failures rivals that of his successes, and unfortunately, they have proven to cancel each other out. Much of the good that Trump did for our country was undone as a result of his own bad judgements. It would be foolish on our part to not see the big picture here. It’s fine for people to make mistakes. In fact, the most courageous people are the ones who are willing to risk failure, and such a trait could be considered an asset among politicians who often are too cowardly to act out of fear of the political consequences of doing so. But, having said that, those who have the courage to act and take risks must also—if they are to be good and TRUSTED leaders—have the integrity to admit when they have made mistakes. Trump’s constant message of “Trump is always right” has not only grown tiresome, but it should be heeded as a warning, for some mistakes are bigger and more consequential than others, and Trump’s silence now on the harms being caused by “that beautiful shot” that he used to claim that HE deserves all the credit for the existence of is a huge red flag that indicates he is a man who would put the protection of his own ego above the protection of the American people. Trump boasts that he is the candidate with courage, but his silence on the shots right now are an act of cowardice and demonstrate a lack of accountability. 

We CANNOT be a nation under God without ACCOUNTABILITY. A rejection of accountability is a rejection of God. True justice will never be restored until we stop adhering to two-tiered systems, whether they be those within our own corrupted government or those that “we the people” create for ourselves in order to pretend that there is no wrongdoing within our own political party or by the candidates that we want to support. The witch hunts have been real, but it’s also REALLY hard to muster any heartfelt defense of a man who has thrown so many under he bus by refusing to speak honestly about “that beautiful shot” that he told everyone was “safe and effective.” 

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