I am sure that some of the things I have been sharing in my videos are not going to be well-received by those who want to believe that conservatives are "winning." I want to believe that we are winning, too. And I will hope right alongside everyone that I am the one who is wrong and that Trump will swoop in and save the day. But I'm just not content to sit still in the meantime. I don't think any of us should be. It isn't wise to place all of your eggs in one basket, but I feel as if that is what many people are doing.

It is impossible for me to accept the idea that we are winning when the facts, to me, seem to point in exactly the opposite direction. Look at how many times justice has been denied under a two-tiered system that turns a blind eye to some, while persecuting and hunting down others. If we were winning, then I think we'd have started to move away from that by now. But we haven't. Instead, we have a government that is cracking down on patriots and we are about to take part in the second election since November 2020 which has STILL not yet been secured. (The primary election in May was the first.)

And things are not trending in a positive direction in our state either. The Unicameral just recently rewrote the definition of "voting system" in our state, and in the process they sent a big middle finger to every Nebraskan who has concerns about the use of ES&S machines in our elections. (I discuss what they did in more detail in other recent videos, but rest assured, it should piss you off to no end that not one senator sounded the alarm that this was happening.)

Hold out hope that someone is coming to the rescue if you like. I believe that we would be fools to outsource the protection of our freedom more than we already have. We have trusted the wrong people, and look where it has gotten us. The only way we are going to have a fighting chance of restoring election integrity and saving our country is if we FIGHT.


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