So...that could be interpreted in more than one way, right? And if you had questions about something like that--something where one interpretation could indicate that a crime was being committed and that harm was being done--you'd like some clarity on the matter, right? But we aren't getting clarity (nor representation of our concerns) from our government. When we ask questions, instead of receiving answers or assistance (they are NOT our allies), we are told to file a lawsuit if we want to know more. What the hell?

But that is what the entirety of our government has become, and until people stop relying upon courts to decide whether or not our rights will be upheld, we are NOT free people. It's all about accountability, and the only way to get that is to stop accepting the shitty excuses from our government and to show up and face them eye to eye and hold them to account. That is how you fight "peaceful but pushy." Be a fucking "Karen" if you have to be--and don't be ashamed to do it. They need to be reminded that they work for us!

Here are some links to other articles/videos that might help to provide more context:

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