JP always nails it, and this video is no exception. He offers suggestions for what we can do so that freedom (God) may prevail over tyranny (evil). The most important of his suggestions is to "Stay Aligned." All of the things he advises us to do will fall apart if we do not act in accordance with our principles and values, which are rooted in our faith. When we do not openly and actively LIVE our faith, we are most definitely out of alignment. 

JP says that we must have the "courage of the warrior's spirit," and that people often struggle with that. But it is courage which allows us to stay, as JP says, "unapologetically" aligned. The "unapologetic" part requires having the courage of one's convictions to act, even (as he also points out) in ways that can pull us out of our comfort zone. That means doing what your gut feeling is telling you is right, even when you try to tell yourself that you "have no choice." 

I would ask you, after you watch JP's video above (or read the summary in pictures of his message below), to please also go and check out this Gateway Pundit article.

Here is a video excerpt of Leigh Dundas explaining the necessity for us to be disobedient. She calls disobedience a duty. She is right. Disobedience is an obligation when to do otherwise would put us out of alignment with God.

Be unapologetically disobedient.  

Here is a summary in pictures of the message of JP's video.

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