I read the article referenced above. "DeSantis is Too Conservative for Republican Donors" would have been a more accurate headline. The Gateway Pundit appears to be critical of DeSantis for losing donors, but the article focuses on a single Republican donor who was backing away from DeSantis because of his opposition to  abortion and for opposing LGBTQ books in schools. Pay attention to who the donors attempt to choose for you. Also pay attention to who the media outlets attempt to choose for you. You can read the full article at the link below and make your own assessments.


I'll add that no candidate has yet earned my vote--and DeSantis isn't even a candidate right now, but it's a shame to see that The Gateway Pundit has become consistently and exclusively pro-Trump and anti- anyone else who might pose a threat to Trump. (I'm counting the days until they no longer speak so kindly about RFK, Jr., once they realize that he can draw votes from both sides of the aisle.) TGP has always been openly biased, but I used to think it was a pro-conservative bias and that it wasn't rooted in some sort of cult-like allegiance or loyalty to Trump. I guess I was wrong. Conservatives would be wise to take note of what it is that conservatives have become. And it isn't just The Gateway Pundit who has contributed to this shift that I see conservatives have made.   

The Gateway Pundit also recently shared a Substack article written by Trump supporter and advisor Peter Navarro. The headline read, "Who Does Tucker Think He Is?" and in his article, Navarro expressed some views that conservatives SHOULD find concerning. The entire article can be summed up in Navarro's statement that, "When push comes to shove, Tucker simply cannot be trusted to have Trump’s back in any way."


I've been wanting to comment on that Navarro article ever since I came across it, but I've held off because my efforts of late have been toward things which are truly productive and more meaningful than trying to send a warning to people who don't want to hear it. My hands get dirty every day, but it has been much more rewarding to dig deep into the soil of the earth than it ever was to dig deep into the dirt of politics. Still, I cannot escape the feeling that there are some things that should not be left unsaid. Navarro's commentary is an example of the previous red flags I've tried to point to with regard to what the Republican Party has become. 


Navarro's statement that "Tucker simply cannot be trusted to have Trump's back" should rub every conservative the wrong way. And yet, The Gateway Pundit offered no critical commentary, but shared Navarro's article in seeming agreement with it. I understand that Navarro would want Trump to have all the help and support he can get, but stop for a moment and consider the message that he and The Gateway Pundit are sending when they put this out there to their conservative audiences. Have we become a nation in which conservatives openly call for and support the idea that there should be some sort of loyalty to Trump (or any other candidate) from Tucker Carlson (or anyone else in the media)? I don't know if people recognize what danger there is in that. And those who Navarro suggests people should seek their news from are also part of the problem, for even as Bannon and others will report honestly on the harms being caused by the experimental vaccines, I have not seen anyone speak honestly about Trump's YUGE role in the development of the vaccines; nor have any taken note of Trump's shift to dead silence on the vaccines after having previously boasted that he was "the father of the vaccine" and that we all should be thanking him for "that beautiful shot" (as he has called it).  

There is an inconsistency in everything in our world now that is never going to lead us back to being "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." We no longer even recognize our own hypocrisy. Instead, as I've written about before, we have established and embraced two-tiered systems of thought regarding what is right and wrong, even as we demand for justice and rule of law to be restored. We cannot be a nation under God when we seek to pick and choose who it is that should be held to account--and who should not. These attempts to control information and thought are coming from both the left and the right, from liberals AND from conservatives, from Democrats AND from Republicans.   

There are so many red flags that I am seeing that (I believe) should serve as warnings to those who are paying attention, but I fear that we have perhaps gotten to the point that, even when those red flags are waved right in front of people, many no longer have the ability to see them.

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