[If you listen to this with headphones, be aware that there are some sudden fluctuations in the volume due to the quality (or lack thereof) of the recordings.] 

These recordings are a compilation of several attempts to get my concerns heard by Senator Slama. Some people complain and say that I am "combative" or "confrontational," but I challenge anyone who cares about the integrity of our elections to read the very polite and respectful correspondence which I have engaged in FOR MONTHS prior to these face-to-face interactions with our elected officials and tell me that your feathers aren't ruffled by their apathy to our concerns as well. We need to confront them. They have no intention of representing us. None. They will not do anything unless and until we apply leverage to get them to move. And we do that by confronting them and refusing to accept their excuses.

This link is where you can view a fraction of the letters which I have been sending to our elected officials for MONTHS, pleading with them to take election integrity concerns seriously. (They don't. Just listen to the recordings to hear Slama's robotic responses.) Politicians like Senator Slama and Governor Ricketts see us as in their way. We are an inconvenience to them, and they feel no obligation to serve as our representatives beyond any actions which are also mutually beneficial to them. You think Ricketts paid out-of-state signature collectors to get Voter ID passed out of a concern for the people? Nope. It was the politically advantageous thing for him to do. It allowed him to look like he was addressing election concerns, and it gave him cover for not addressing the root of the vulnerabilities, which are the machines. 


And this link below will take you to resources showing just how deep the rabbit hole of the collusion (they call it collaboration and partnership) between Big Government and Big Tech goes with regard to our elections.


You can also hear Governor Ricketts saying the same thing as Slama in this video. Want your constitutional rights protected? Lawyer up! We have no representation.

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