Our government needs a spanking. We have to be the ones to discipline them. Their bad behavior has continued because we have NOT been doing that.

Most "solutions" that are proposed to the problems we have with our government tend to be ones that do not have us ever holding anyone to account. Instead, we complain about how we have been wronged and then try to find ways to go around the bad actors in our government.
They laugh at us when we do that. It keeps us distracted, busy, and out of their hair while they continue on with the bad behavior that they never were made to answer for.

We also need to be realistic about expecting to solve our problems at the ballot box by voting in new people when we know damn well that it has been the consequences of our corrupted elections which are the root cause of many of the battles we are trying to fight. The elections have to be secured first, if voting in new people is ever going to be a reliable solution for ANY other issue.

If we want accountability from our government, it has to start with US.

I have requested to meet with Senator Slama and also with Secretary of State Bob Evnen. I'll update on that when I know more. 

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